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Stopping Corrosion

In Its Tracks​​​​​​

Railroad Corrosion Solutions

CorrSolve Corrosion Solutions is dedicated to providing highly-effective, non-hazardous corrosion solutions to the railroad industry. CorrSolve leverages proven, patented products and specifically tailors them to serve the needs and specifications of the railroad industry.


Conductive & Non-Conductive Gaskets


Customized to fit your specifications, CorrSolve pre-cured polyurethane gaskets provide a high degree of environmental protection and excellent cohesion, while allowing easy removal for inspection or repair.

Perimeter Sealant

Durable, Watertight Sealant


Made of a two-component polyurethane material, CorrSolve sealants provide maximum sealing and are designed for use in various locations, including vertical or overhead applications, without dripping or sagging.


Environmental Sealing for Connectors


Elastomeric, highly-cohesive tape provides an environmental seal with moisture-proofing around mated electrical connectors, coaxial connectors, and irregular surfaces.  Single-wrap or dual-wrap solutions available.

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